Member of 4th Batt. of Musketeers fully equipped in "Battle Order", Italy, autumn 1944

Uniform consists of brown serge jacket and trousers (Battledress Serge Patt.37/40), black leather ankle boots with leather sole and hobnails (Ammo Boots), and gaiters (Web Anklets). Soldier's head is protected by helmet (Steel Helmet Mk.II) with helmet net and hessian scrims. Equipment (Webbing Patt.37) consists of Belt, Straps, two pouches (Basic Pouches Mk.II), Water Bottle, collapsible tool (Entrenching Tool Patt.08) and Small Pack with L Straps. Webbing is made from natural cotton twill (here in natural, unblancoed version) and copper parts. Gas-mask (Respirator Anti-Gas, Light Mk.II) is hanged across the shoulder. Cotton bandolier with 10x5 cartridges .303 is in ready position on soldier's chest. Two more bandoliers are stored in basic pouches together with Grenade No.36 and couple of 2' mines. Armament consists of rifle Lee-Enfield SMLE No.1 Mk.III and long bayonet Patt.07.

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