4th Batt. of Musketeers - there is no doubt that every military fan already knows this famous unit. Also our group had took inspiration by well known book "How I Won the War" by Patrick Ryan and in 2002 we (re)vitalized 12th platoon. Althrough fact that 4th Batt. of Musketeers never existed, we think that this unit is perfect and suitable for reenactment. As you can find in above mentioned book, Musketeers actually took parts in all british key campaigns during Second World War - maybe except Pacific.

Every unit member tries hard to be very similar in the behaviour to his model in the book and on the opposite side, Lt. Goodbody tries to lead them to more commendable manners, but as in the book, without great success . . .

Musketeers are taking part in good-quality military reenactments a some of them they also organize by themselves. Because of high quality standarts of training and equipment, unit members also participated in shooting of few movies and documentary films like "Krysy pouště - Desert Rats" or "Tobruk" .

Musketeers are fully motorized, since 2017 we became operation mobile thanks to our "Universal Carrier". Interestingly, unit is highly equipped for amphibious operations. Besides of scaled replica of LCA - Landing Craft Assault, unit members also during special reenactments navigate "Cockle Canoe Mk.2", as used by Commandos in famous raids like "Frankton".

Our group is in touch with different units abroad and we are participating in reenactment and training actions outside the Czech Republic. If you like the idea of Musketeers resurrection, we are very pleased and promise that we will try to keep 12th platoon alive furthermore.