Although that our only one relevant source for 12th platoon revival are Lt.Goodbody's memoirs as they have been taken down in book "How I Won the War" by Patrick Ryan, we are doing reenactment very responsibly and our equipment, training and unit organization is fully based on pamphets and manuals from these days.

Because of this 4th Batt. of Musketeers is in the field under the command of 168th Brigade, 56th (London) Division. Runcorn remains our garrison town where Musketeers have their training ("B") echelon and headquarter. "A" Echelon i.e. 1st line infantry combat unit of 4th Batt. of Musketeers is been sent to the field according to War Department needs under 56th Division's or other command. More about "A" Echelon combat employments in ACTIONS.
For basic information about british army organization use this link or click on Shoulder Titles image.

Our group re-enacts HQ section of 12th platoon.
Basic info about organization of british infantry platoon  /  section available  here.

So far group members are:

		  Lt. Goodbody Ernest - Platoon Commander (Ret.)  
		  Sgt. Transom Quido - Platoon Sergeant (Ret.) 
		  Pte. Gripweed Henry E. - Orderly/Bren No.1  
		  Pte. Clapper Rudyard  MiD - Mortar No.1 (Ret.)  R.I.P.      
		  Pte. Juniper Lewis - Mortar No.2
		  Pte. Frost James - Rifleman/Bomber (Det.)
		  Pte. Bliss Joseph - Mortar No.1
		  Pte. Maloney Marty - Bren No.2
		  Pte. Coleman Christopher - Rifleman/Runner
		  Pte. Maverick John - Mortar No.2 (MIA)
		  Pte. Parkin Michael - Rifleman/Driver (MIA)
		  Pte. Spool Curtiss  - Runner (Ret.)
		  Pte. Drogue Frederick - Batman (Ret.)

For basic information about british army ranks use this link.

Because of excellent work of our field workshop and neverending support of Regimental Adjutant Capt. Tablet is 12th platoon armed highly above Infantry Platoon HQ armament regulation. On reenactment events our platoon often gives support to other His Majesty's units with our blank firing Bren LMG. In such cases, Bren Group is detached from HQ section. Since 2017 we are fully motorized and armored. Thanks to Col. Plaster's influential friends we ride our tiny Universal Carrier.

We are all proud members of Royal Musketeers and all our aspirations (with hope) should lead to improvement of 12th platoon's reputation in His Majesty's Army.