Basic administration unit in british army is a Regiment. In most cases these formations have very long tradition and are connected with certain territory they recruit from - for example Durham Light Infantry, Sherwood Forresters, Royal Musketeers etc. Insignias of their "home" unit soldiers usualy wear on their headwear (Cap Badge) and on their sleeves (Shoulder Title). During the war these Regiments form Battalions for overseas duty. The Regiment garrison serve further as training and recruiting depot. Battalions are formed into Brigades and Brigades formed Divisions. Infantry Division usualy consist of three Brigades and other supporting units. Divisional flash is placed on uniform under Regimental Shoulder Title - in case of 56th Division it is black cat on red (Dick Whittington's Cat). Under divisional flash are sewn Arm of Service Strips, which numbers can vary and depends on brigade position within division (Junior, Intermediate or Senior) and furthermore their color shows type of arm. Under Arm-of-Service-Strips is place for Battalion or Regimental Flash, but only few units have one. 4th Batt. of Musketeers use black silouette of crown above crossed musketees with number 4 on blue.

Note: This is only very brief introduction to problems and above mentioned system can not be applied to whole british WW2 army in general. There was to many exceptions!

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